Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recent Reading (as many as i can remember right now)

this isnt in the right order and i know ive left a bunch out
i'll update when i remember.

 Everything you every wanted to  know about Andrea Fraser
collected writings and scripts.

fun read about AC's life 

ZOS really wonderful book about the artist
and occultist Austin Osman Spare
beautiful book too 

Makes me want to read the Marble Swan
to see what was left in!
this is great and also sold out 

more wonderfulness from Thomas Moore
perfect aesthetic for the feel of the book
looking forward to his soon to be published novel.

Beautiful publication to accompany
French Hole. Looking forward to more
form Kiddepunk HQ

halfway through just about to get to the bions
and orgonon
full on read really in depth research from one of his colleges

best book about Crowley ive read.

be careful see might see your demon.
just been dipping in and out of this as i will for the next while.