My practice is project based, utilising various media in the production of works. This has taken form in drawing, digital prints, painting and sound to ready-mades, sculpture and video and more recently small handmade artist books/zines. These projects share similar themes and interests, intersecting at various points. More recent works engage with abstraction through negation of the objects main. A logo is repeated so it no longer reads as anything but an abstracted shape or children’s motivational stickers used to spell out curse words or put downs. I am interested in sub and counter cultures from past and present and various other forms that exist on the edges of society or are at odds with society itself, the way in which they wish to negate the mainstream whilst using the same processes and tools for making and promoting their ideas. The images I use for the production of works and other source material are allowed to interact with each other creating a personal narrative. These open narratives are then grouped together by simple ideas or at the points in which they intersect.

A large amount of my material is collected from the Internet, screen-grabs, jpegs, mp3 and mp4 files are all use in the creation of pieces traditional research through books and searching for object is also a large part of my process. The slippage involved in processing these images and files is important to me. Jpegs get cropped and reworked; mp3 and mp4 files get chopped and corrupted removing them further from their original meanings allowing them to become part of my own world. Steve Parrino’s ‘No Texts’ are an influence on my work along with the Steve Parrino’s ‘No Texts’ are important to my work along with the writings of Jan Verwoert and Paul Chan on art and culture.

I am also interested in the politics of the everyday and how people in Virno’s post-Fordian age aim negotiate and define herself or himself as ‘an individual’. Everyone has become a producer of information, using culture to define who she or he wants you to perceive her or him to be. Facebook, tumblrs and blogs are the way in which people create their identities, who you are ‘friends’ with, is just as important as what you ‘like’, everything seems to have become just surface. The idea of the outsider or the rebel in the digital age is what I am looking for or even if it is possible to do so. 

Working also as a Curator/Exhibitions organiser, I ran a not for profit space One Gallery from 2007-08 presenting six solo presentations and one group show. Five of the six solo shows were the artist's first solo presentation. During 2008 I began working with Monster Truck Gallery developing their curatorial side and development of the gallery. I left during the summer of 2009 to concentrate on my own artistic practice.
I have shown through out Ireland and Europe and is in many private and public collections.
I live and work in Dublin/Kilkenny