Monday, December 21, 2009

A bunch of stuff I enjoyed this year, Sites.

1. Ubu
2. DC's best blog ever
4. purple DIARY opulence at its best; )
5. Nayland Blake i read his entire blog from start to end over a week.
13. Wowch

A bunch of stuff I enjoyed this year, Films/DVDs.

Otto or Up For Dead People : Bruce La Bruce
Heres a short list of somethings that i liked in the world film, I did watch normal films too, just these are the things I enjoyed and have watched more than twice. I'm still not felling the 3D thing yet. seen two films with it and I'm sure I'd have liked them the same without it. Hopefully I'll get some new box sets or dvds soon ; )

A bunch of stuff I enjoyed this year, Books.

I read way more great books than the few that are up here, but these were really really fantastic, the ones that stuck with me and I would recommend any of them highly. I have the rest of Dennis Cooper's George Miles cycle on the way to me along with Blake Butler's Scorched Atlas and some of Eileen Myles poetry and writings that I can wait to get into. Read a Bunch of McSweenys Quarterlies, short stories collections were the kind of book I picked up the most. along with a butt load of zines from Cinders Gallery and the every so wonderful Printed Matter.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Call & Response

some of the work I make references other peoples works, this one is a response to the great Raymond Pettibon. this was made a few years back during my MFA but has never been shown before. ive always loved the VA-VOOM character from Felix the Cat and Pettibon's drawings. At the time I was reading lots of Roland Barthes, i really liked his thoughts about Toys, from Mythologies, being a microcosm of the adult world, Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts is a pefect example of this idea. I always loved that Lucy had a psychiatrist stand.

Dailys, Untitled (Sock Monkey)

Dailys, Ghost in a Halloween Mask

Old MFA Note Book Drawings 2

more of the same.

Old MFA Note Book Drawings

these are dumb and quick things i did a fews years ago, most are just lil ideas dealing with different things i'd read or seen around the time.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Michael Clark, Hail The New Puritan

Hail The New Puritan a documentary by Charles Atlas

Michael Clark (born June, 1962) is a Scottish dancer and choreographer.

Michael Clark was born in Aberdeen and began traditional Scottish dancing at the age of four. In 1975 he left home to study at the Royal Ballet School in London, and on his final day at the school he was presented with the Ursula Moreton Choreographic Award. In 1979 Clark joined Ballet Rambert, working primarily with Richard Alston, who created roles for him in Bell High (1979), Landscape (1980), Rainbow Ripples (1981) and, subsequently, two solos: Soda Lake (1981) and Dutiful Ducks (1982). Later, attending a summer school with Merce Cunningham and John Cage led him to work with Karole Armitage, through whom he met Charles Atlas.

The first concert of his own choreography was in 1982 at London’s Riverside Studios, where he became resident choreographer. By 1984 Clark had made 16 original pieces for himself, his friends, and various small-scale companies.

Michael Clark and Company was launched in 1984 with two works: Do You Me? I Did and New Puritans. The company was an immediate success and toured internationally with Not H.air (1984) and our caca phoney H. our caca phoney H. (1985). During this time Clark collaborated with fashion designers Bodymap, artists Leigh Bowery and Trojan, as well as The Fall, Laibach, and Wire. He created large-scale works for his company such as No Fire Escape in Hell (1986),Because We Must (1987), and I Am Curious Orange (1988).

Would love to see this in full (hint hint Channel 4) i know EAI has it to view but i don't live in NYC.

Dailys, Love Me Harder.