Monday, December 21, 2009

A bunch of stuff I enjoyed this year, Books.

I read way more great books than the few that are up here, but these were really really fantastic, the ones that stuck with me and I would recommend any of them highly. I have the rest of Dennis Cooper's George Miles cycle on the way to me along with Blake Butler's Scorched Atlas and some of Eileen Myles poetry and writings that I can wait to get into. Read a Bunch of McSweenys Quarterlies, short stories collections were the kind of book I picked up the most. along with a butt load of zines from Cinders Gallery and the every so wonderful Printed Matter.


  1. Cool. I have read Keren Cytter's Apocalypse Now this year too. She had a show of her video works here in Rotterdam.

  2. Hey Erik, havent seen any of her work (as far as a i remember) apart from on UBU and youtubes, from what ive seen i gotta see some more!!!
    plus Strenberg make some pretty looking books.