Monday, December 21, 2009

A bunch of stuff I enjoyed this year, Sites.

1. Ubu
2. DC's best blog ever
4. purple DIARY opulence at its best; )
5. Nayland Blake i read his entire blog from start to end over a week.
13. Wowch


  1. hi paul, megan fox has freaky thumbs, just sayin.
    sexy peps has the best worst photos ever.

  2. hey jonathan, you're the best, thanks. i'm catching up on stuff i missed when i was away, way way late. 38th street is amazing, right? i love those guys. thanks for the nayland blake link! exciting!

  3. Hi Kier.
    38th street make beautiful books! do you know when yours is gonna be printed? gonna grab some of their other titles when its out.
    the Sophie Von Hellerman one for sure and another by Mr Smith.
    ps. the voidoid is fantastic.

  4. i don't know for certain when mine's gonna be done, josh can be bad with email so i'll check in soon. on the other hand, they like to work fast so it could happen any time. they do make beautiful books, it's been such a privilege to get to see them work and stuff. the sophie von hellerman book is really cool and so i josh's new one, the catalogue "on the water". thanks so much about the voidoid. xx