Friday, April 2, 2010

Aurel Schmidt

Aurel Schmidt is one of my favourite artists, she is irritatingly good at drawing horrible things but making them look so pretty. Schmidt builds Arcimboldo-esque accumulations from street trash, the darker elements in nature, and researched historical imagery. Drawn with an elegant and sensitive line, she slurries together her brew of beasts and spreads them over the page to form faces, bodies, landscapes, or abstract artworks. A Grecian bust is transformed into a terrible tangle of twisting snakes. A face forms out of discarded fast food and maggots. A crooked cigarette butt smile appears over wormy lips as a woman’s burned out eyeholes stare blankly forward. robbed from deitch.
Her book Maneater is here and grab Burnouts form here.
Maneater is winging its way to me as you read, it could already be here.
I havent had a proper chance to write about Schmidt's work yet so I'll let her drawings do the talking.

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