Monday, October 18, 2010

Lately listening

Heres some of the things ive been listening to
whist walking round town or working in the studio.

Bethany and Bobb from Best Coast use to been in Pocahaunted

Really liking the Dum Dum Girls too.

Mostly been listening to Christina Carter's solo work but couldnt find a decent clip,
i saw her play years ago before a Fursaxa show. Christina Carter 'Texas Blues Working' 2xLP on the way soon from Blackest Rainbow.

Some hypnogogic classics

John Olsen and Ben Hall in the Graveyards combo always good stuff, this is more full on the do some eerie minimal pieces too. If you can find Ben Hall's Hell Hall Mystery Series One & two grab them!

Stephen O'Malley just because.


  1. Whoa, all of those bands are awesome!
    I especially like Sun Araw and Pocahaunted.

  2. Sun Araw and Phaunt are great!!! all the Not Not Fun releases and bands are worth checking out