Friday, December 31, 2010

Fav books of last year

In No Order

Mark Gluth - The late works of Margaret Koftis
this is a beautiful little read, tugging at your heart strings.
looking forward to whats coming next

Zachary German - Eat when you feel sad
completely captures what american culture is today
great first book cant wait for others

Alain Robbe-Grillet - Recollections of the Golden Triangle
my fav AR-G, everything comes together in this
just finished reading his autobiography
if you like him get it

Justin Taylor - Everything here is the best thing ever
the title doesnt lie, some wonderful stories
in this collection, looking forward to the new novel
The Gospel of Anarchy coming next month

Dennis Cooper - Smothered in Hugs
this is how interviews & essays should be written. period.

Zizek, Santer, Reinhrd - The Neighbor
read these essays in reverse order
with out you this book cannot exist

Tao Lin - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
the fist poem always gets me
have to pick up SLIAA and richard yates

Eileen Myles - Sorry Tree
'the importance of being iceland' should be here too
i love to listen to her read her work
its how i like to hear it in my head

Dennis Cooper - Period
final part of the george miles cycle
and my fav

John Waters - Crackpot
if you like Waters films and havent read this, get it.
i was laughing a lil too loud in work one day reading this.
got his new book Role Models for Christmas
cant wait to read it.

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