Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DDD Zine no.2

Damher Daily Digest no.2
for COE 11
16pg B&W pro-printed ed of 20
ltd ed of 5 coming soon.
images & text

The DDD Zine
is a snapshot of work and research at the time it was made.
the first DDD Zine/ 'Dahmer Daily Digest' was made for
'The Weaklings' curated Dennis Cooper @ Five Years in London
the title takes its name from the serial killer Jeffery Dahmer
over each issue the title slowly morphs into something less recognisable
but still familiar.

issue 2 'Damher Daily Digest' is made for
COE 11 which opens on the 3rd of september which is curated by Chris Hammond

issue 3 will be Demhar Daily Digest
look out for it soon.

1 comment:

  1. I want one. How do I get one? Huh? Please? How much? Where from? ... not that I'm desperate or anything ... hehe.

    Hey man, I'm in New York. Remember talking about the place when we met back in London? You told me about the great times you had here. I'm loving it so far. Gonna try find the Hospital Productions shop in a couple of days.

    Also, I've started working on a couple of things ... I'll email you when I get back and we can start conspiring.

    Thomas x