Monday, February 8, 2010

Evelyn War

Ive been making improvised synth based music/soundscapes for the last year or so under the name Evelyn War. here is a CDR that was put out by a lil label in the US called Calypso Hum.
its sold out as far as i know, i never saw a copy of it. grab it for free (let me know if it dies) with your choice of cover, the original one or my special bootleg edition i made for some people.

there is also a split tape out with the wonderful Guyute on his label Early Mourning Recordings.
i think there's some left, im really proud of this one both sides fit really nicely together to make some great spaced out tracks.

I have yet to play live under this name (due to lack of hands) i have played under my name in a few galleries in Dublin and with Bob & Roberta Smith in a group with him doing readings of his texts. live is mostly made up from tape manipulations with improvised electronics, mostly noise making devices, no input mixers and synths, along with some more acoustic instruments. it depends on my idea for the performance.

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