Thursday, February 18, 2010

Monologue for a New Piece

Piece 1.

from here i can't see the stars

and i haven't been to anywhere like i was promised

if i wasn’t walking backwards

you'd still be so far away

two metal rings hang

next to each other on one wall

they over lap in a figure of 8

thats all i can see right now

another impasse

the story will have to be re-started

i remember the great grassy hills where we assembled below that night sky

we waited for the words

words of enlightenment

words to save us

high up on the grassy hill we waited to be taken into the love of the violet flame

to free our fiery sprit and redeem our souls

awake once more i begin again

i will not lie

i am afraid sometimes

wondering will i wake up in the morning or will this be the time?

i die before i wake wanting to go back to that place

the place of being inside of myself

inside a house where events remain and accumulate

i am afraid

of being left behind

facing the dark days ahead

surrounded by people who have forgotten

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