Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Studio Proper

My 'other studio'

pin board with original artworks by Tao Lin/Megan Boyle : )
+ some polaroids and other bits i need to remember to use

'Straight Edge For Life' + 'Seriously Man'
working titles maybe?

My desk is like my brain

when im bored these are this to do


  1. Hey. Sorry for being out of touch for so long. Just dropping in to check out your blog, say hello, and say how excited I am to finally see some of your work up close at The Weaklings show this Friday! Anyways, hope you're keeping well. TM x

  2. No worries its great yr back looking forward to reading some new things of yrs too
    oh and its not only my work yr gonna see
    im planing on being at the opening aelingus depending
    the fuckers are threatening a strike this week : (
    if i can fly i'll get there somehow.

  3. hi jonathan

    can you let me know when jan verwoert ( bas jan ader ) is coming, i know it's sept/oct but if you can can, let me know