Monday, May 23, 2011

you remind me of a poem I can't remember, to a tune that may never have existed, in a place I'm not sure I've ever been to

26 – 29 May 2011

126 Galway; 1646 The Hague; Basement Project Space Cork;
Block T Dublin; Catalyst Belfast; Monster Truck Dublin; Transition
London; Transmission Glasgow; SOMA Waterford; Wolfart Rotterdam

Occupy Space are proud to
present in_flux, a large scale alternative
art fair exhibition which brings together ten artist-led project
spaces from Ireland and Europe. This temporary hub invites the
public and art practitioners to engaging in a weekend of
performances, screenings, exhibitions, art viewing and dialogue.

This project considers the
model of artist-led spaces, which provide alternative frameworks
for art practices, and represent communities where
‘doing-it-yourself’ and experimentation are key activities.
Artist-led spaces are vital, energetic elements of the visual
art fabric of many cities. This exhibition, consisting of pop-up
galleries from each artist-led space, makes reference to an
non-traditional art-fair format in which non-profit artist-led
spaces present exhibitions rather than commercial galleries
striving to sell work.

From May 26 - 29 in_flux temporarily takes over the
Thomas Street Centre, an 11,000 m2 landmark building in Limerick city centre. The ten
galleries will present their pop-up exhibitions over five
extensive floors, while the top floor will host an e v+ a bookshop and in_flux Salon, a place for discussion,
screenings and talks.

in_flux brings to Limerick a exciting
sample of diverse contemporary art practices from some of the
most interesting artist-led spaces in Ireland and Europe. This
project initiates a collaboration between grass-roots art spaces
of similar orientations, with the intention of creating new
opportunities for artists locally, nationally and
internationally, while promoting the strength of visual culture
in Limerick.

A series of events will
accompany the exhibition programme including VideoGram, 10 x10
Pecha Kucha, artist talks and visits to local studios. in_flux is partnering with Limerick
City Gallery of Art and e v+ a to present Double Act, a series of conversations,
screenings and reflections on the collaborative process with
guest appearances by a number of interesting artists, curators
and other creative types. Double Act Programme will take place in the in_flux Salon from May 26 - 28. Full
details to be announced on the LCGA website

LCGA has also extended the run
of How Capital Moves a new body of work by artist
duo Kennedy Browne, curated by Annette Moloney, to coincide with
in_flux. Originally commissioned for
the Lodz biennale Poland 2010 the work is partly a response to a
computer factory relocating to Łódź in Poland from Limerick,
Ireland. Open at Istabraq Hall, Merchant’s Quay, Limerick 9.30
- 5.30 throughout in_flux.

Concurrent to in_flux Occupy Space presents an
exhibition which considers human obsession with the end of the
world. Oops
Apocalypse presents work
by Beagles & Ramsay, Baldvin Ringsted, Sam Dargan and Alan
Mongey, responding in different ways to our fixation with the
apocalypse. Open1 - 5pm, Wednesday to Saturday.

in_flux launches on Thursday 26 May
at 7pm in Occupy Space.


you remind me of a poem I can't remember,

to a tune that may never have existed,

in a place I'm not sure I've ever been to

Darren Barrett / Alan Butler / Fiona Hallinan / Eilis McDonald / Jonathan Mayhew / Bennie Reilly / Alex Synge

This exhibition is set to the idea that even at their most abstract and arbitrary, we are not intrinsically separated by divergent desires, but rather bonded by memories mediated through their surrounding cultures ubiquitous memories in its audience. Utilising a variety of media, the artists wish to unite an audience in questioning whether many earnestly held desires are more a consequence of empirical experience or of inevitable cultural prescription. Davey Moor

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